The founder and head of nOS Dean van Dugteren created Smart Economy Wiki (SEWiki) is a wiki dedicated to the “smart economy”. SEWiki — “a joint project aimed at easy and affordable” to cover all related topics. The new resource will contain articles about the various projects, sites, technologies and people associated with the ecosystem NEO.

According to Dina, “dealing with early stage of the existence of any technology, it is hard to see the whole picture.”

Smart Economy Wiki appear online August 11. At the current time it has published more than 50 articles. Their topics include Antshares (1.0 NEO), NEO Enhancement Protocol (NEP), tokens standard NEP5, decentralized applications, descriptions of projects/companies, and more. To see all published material here. Wishing to fill the still empty pages can visit the Contributing page.

SEWiki working on open source and available to anyone. By creating an account, the user can publish new articles and edit existing pages. Authors are encouraged to create an objective, meaningful and trustworthy content.

If users need help in creating pages, new articles or change existing ones, they can join the channel shell and ask community members for support.