Provider cryptooperation LedgerX has launched a volatility index of bitcoin (LedgerX Volatility Index, LXVX), which will track indices traded on the platform of the company options by analogy with the “fear index” VIX in the stock market from CBOE. At the moment this tool is available on the website of the company and not sold as a separate product.


According to the President and head of LedgerX risk management Utica Chou (Chou Juthica), the volatility index reflects expectations that creates the market, and this tool works on any market. With the “index of fear of bitcoin” traders will be able to monitor the risks and better manage the companies. For example, comparing the performance LXVX at the end of 2018 and start of 2019, Lowe noted that the level of fear and uncertainty was lower, although significantly higher than in the stock market.

We will remind that in October of 2017 for the first week of trading cryptocurrency derivatives LedgerX watched 176 swap transactions and option contracts worth more than $1 million And for the entire period of work in this area on the site signed over 50 thousand transactions worth more than $500 million.