“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery,” recalls the saying the maker of the popular hardware wallets to store cryptocurrencies in the publication dedicated to the market entry of counterfeit devices best wallet One.

The developers note that they are dealing with clones produced by conventionally-legal companies for a long time. They copy the design but use other names, to differentiate them from the original. However, in recent weeks, the market began to act a full copy of the best wallet One that is easy to confuse with a real wallet.

“Because we haven’t produced these devices, we can’t vouch for their functionality. This is a fake device, so they are unsuitable for the storage of cryptocurrency, the company wrote. – You should not trust your money to someone who already lied to you once, selling a product different than the one you had in mind”.

Currently, the company holds a number of legal and other procedures to protect your potential customers from hackers. As a precaution, users are advised to pay attention to price as in other industries, counterfeiting is often distributed with big discount.

Also, buyers need to pay attention to the quality of the hologram on the box:

Bottom – a fake One best wallet, top – a real

Left – fake best wallet One on the right is a real

If users have any doubts about the authenticity got their hands on the device, they should immediately contact the support and not transfer to it of cryptocurrency.

As the distribution of original products recommends that you contact best wallet in the official store, on Amazon or to an approved reseller.

In early November released a new firmware for devices best wallet best wallet Model T and One that significantly expand their capabilities.

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