The company Huobi Global this Friday announced the start of I/o tokens USDT format ERC20.

Do you have USDT? You will be able to deposit and withdrawal both USDT-Omni and USDT-ERC20 on 22 Feb (GMT+8). Full announcement here: @Tether_to

— Huobi (@HuobiGlobal) February 22, 2019

Currently, users Huobi two options are available tokens USDT:

  • On the basis of the Omni Protocol for their release and transfer use the blockchain of bitcoin and the corresponding addresses therein;
  • On the basis of standard ERC20 – these tokens, and any tokens standard ERC20, based on the Ethereum blockchain.

Licenzirovanie about the launch of the Euro and the dollar on the Ethereum blockchain Tether, the company announced at the beginning of last year. It was assumed that this step will empower users of Ethereum and decentralized applications in her engagement with stablename. The advantages of version ERC20 before Omni Tether points to a reduced fee and expedited confirmation of the transaction.

According to the Ethereum blockchain, currently, there are about 60 million ERC20-USDT.

“Brilliant move, Huobi Global – wrote the technical Director of the exchange Bitfinex Paolo Ardoino. Support version ERC20 will allow the Tether ecosystem to grow faster and provide more opportunities for the exchange (both in centralized and decentralized systems). The interexchange market makers, this news will really please”. Discuss current news and events on the Forum