Friday courses cryptocurrency presented on CoinMarketCap showed unexpected growth in cryptosuite suspect in hacking resource. For example, bitcoin price displayed at $8400, while on Coinbase it was trading at a price of $7473 per unit. Some users also took the opportunity to joke that CoinMarketCap began to notice indicators of the stock market ahead of a month. However, representatives of the service are assured that it is not breaking or new approach, and the failure that led to an artificial inflation of listings, svyazannyh with tokens Tether.

We apologize for the glitch earlier. There was a price calculation error on Tether which caused any listing with a Tether market to become artificially inflated. We will release a post mortem in the near future giving more details and our plans for preventing this in the future.

— CoinMarketCap (@CoinMarketCap) August 3, 2018

Recall that in late July CoinMarketCap announced the introduction of a number of changes designed to dispel the doubts of users in the reliability of the displayed data, and on 1 August introduced a paid professional set of API services for the funds and the developers of cryptocurrency.