In the leading cryptanalytic service CoinMarketCap introduced support ranking of major assets using the Boston blockchain startup Flipside Crypto. Due to the Fundamental Crypto Asset Score (FCAS) users will be able to assess the activity of software developers to modify and improve the code, the integrity of the market in situations with different risks, the activity of users cryptoprotocol, as well as the overall condition of the asset.


As reported, the data for the rating is derived from the block chain and after internal analysis are compared with data from other sources in the market. So, the most “healthy”, according to the FCAS, the assets on CoinMarketCap are EOS and Ethereum, which received the rating of evaluation of S (superb), followed by bitcoin, TRON, 0x, Litecoin and XRP and others who fell into the category of A (attractive), Stellar, Verge and others in category B, Vertcoin, Classic Ethereum and others in category C. In the lower rating categories of F (fragile) today there are about 350 scriptaction.


We will remind, in January the head of the Flipside Crypto Eric stone (Eric Stone) said that, according to company, many sleeping for 6-30 months bitcoin wallets large holders cryptocurrency, so-called “whales”, from October 2018 began active movements.