Moderator of account on the forum issued a statement on the closure of the stock exchange due to lack of funding by the beneficiaries.

Data Bitcointalk

The moderator noted that this is not “their” fault, it is completely unclear who exactly he meant by “we”.

Moreover, “they” have put forward Dmitry Vasilyev, the de jure exchange CEO, an ultimatum, demanding to indemnify users of the platform. Otherwise, some “specific names” will become public.

While ForkLog could not confirm the veracity of this statement. Note that in the official Twitter account a message about the closing of the exchange is missing.

ForkLog will continue to monitor developments.

We will remind, earlier it became known that Dmitry Hevchenko, known under the Callsign “Sailor” refused to buy WEX.

According to the source ForkLog, approximately 45% of the balances of users were withdrawn from the platform.