Completed another rush krausel platform Binance Launchpad, this project conducted Celer Network.

If, during the previous campaign Fetch.AI Binance managed somehow to resolve most of the technical problems, today’s krausel more like what we’ve seen during the sale of tokens BitTorrent because of the congestion of the system and manifested in this regard, a variety of bugs distribution of tokens took 17 minutes and 35 seconds.

still had capacity/caching issues with this “upgraded” version. Will keep working on it for a better experience in the future.

STATS: 39003 people tried to buy, 3129 people got some. 35000 people will be somewhat unhappy.

— CZ Binance (@cz_binance) March 19, 2019

“There is still a problem with bandwidth/caching in this “updated” version. We will continue to work on improving the user experience in the future – wrote to Twitter CEO Binance Changpeng Zhao. – Stats: 39 003 man tried to buy 3 129 something grabbed. 35,000 people remained dissatisfied”.

Thus, each of the pouring out of the campaign investors bought on average for 190 800 tokens CELR $1 278, with a maximum limit of $1 500.

Zhao said that the campaign Celer to date was the most popular platform Binance Launchpad, adding: “Some users have encountered problems with caching, when they were given the message about the need to sign in again. A page refresh should solve the issue. Others have experienced delays of data transmission”.

As in previous times, the end of krautsalat was marked by increased volatility in the market BNB.

Zhao also admitted that in the course of the next campaign Binance can try a different model, where tokens will be distributed in accordance with the number in the accounts of investors BNB.

“Still thinking about that,” he said. Discuss current news and events on the Forum