May 18 ended test Buzcoin sale of cryptocurrencies and blockchain-Buzar project created by singer and presenter Olga Buzova and her team. In total, the project managed to raise just over $195 million, accounting for less than 0.1% of the declared hardcap $210 million.

Despite this, the team Buzcoin regarded the investments received as a “community interest to the project.”

The main round of sales of the project is scheduled for summer 2018 and will run until September 16. The launch date for the ICO on the official website and Instagram are different: in the first case stated on 18 June, the second July 18.

Also a mistake is made and a percentage of the funds collected from the amount hardcap — is 0.1% of the specified 1%.

The project Buzar is a powerful platform, combining the functions of the communication service and the marketplace. Calculations will be made in cryptocurrency Buzcoin, the price of which on the presale was $0,1.

Meanwhile, experts are rather skeptical about the prospects of the project Buzova.

“Any successful project must solve a specific problem a specific category of users. There is also planned a “IT platform” that will contain a bunch of services: social networking, instant messenger, video sharing, events, and music service. Usually this leads to the fact that no one module not worked out until the end and it turns out only a crude set of applications,” — said in comments to Hi-Tech blockchain consultant Denis Smirnov.

According to the expert, to create the promised services Olga Buzova will require billions of dollars of investment and years of development by leading experts from around the world. However, almost the whole team Buzar — people without experience in social networks, video sharing and kriptonyte.

“Compiled a whitepaper – with lots of water, a team with no competence and even online presence, the lack of any economic model. The remainder is a definite Scam with a huge marketing budget”, — concluded Smirnov.

We will remind, about plans on release of personal cryptocurrency Olga Buzova became known in early April.