Cryptocurrency exchange OKEx announced the introduction of new rules, under which users must pass verification to withdraw funds.

Now each level of verification will fit your limit:

  • For accounts that have passed the KYC of the first level – 2 BTC every 24 hours;
  • For accounts that have passed the KYC of the second and third levels – 100 BTC per day. For this user group limit can be increased on the basis of trading volume.

The new rules will take effect on August 28.

The company also reminded that one user can have only one account. If you have multiple accounts, it is recommended to transfer all funds in one account before you start to work new limits.

We will remind that since January, trading volume on the major cryptocurrency exchanges is strongly reduced. On Coinbase it fell to 83% at Bitstamp – 73%, and the Kraken is 50%. While OKEx after a decline in trade turnover this spring summer again saw an increase, from $2.9 billion in June to a record $5.7 billion in July.