ForkLog is launching a weekly Saturday review devoted to the most topical and funny jokes about cryptocurrency for a week. The main theme of the first issue was the fall of bitcoin prices to November 2017.

— Crypto $6310 by some time ฿ull (@Crypto_God) 25 Jun 2018

Only the most persistent managed to stay true to HODL strategy…

stongest man from r/bitcoinmemes

Stay strong brother!#crypto #cryptomeme #cryptomemes #hodl #hodler #cryptocurrency

— SnipersTube (@sniperstube) 25 Jun 2018

… and not go crazy.

Literally my life 🤣🤣🤣 #Crypto #cryptocurrency #TRX #Binance #MEMES #cryptomemes

— Aron Simmons (@surfscientist90) 28 Jun 2018

Drop your best crypto memes (not normie ones). #CryptoMemes@MoonOverlord @Di0nysos_ @TRX_Dinosaur @TheKevinSteele @cryptomocho @RealShillGates @CryptoGat @DigitalLawrence

— pxlicious (@pxlicious) 24 Jun 2018

This week Facebook decided to partially lift restrictions on advertising of crypto-currencies. Cryptologist joked that this was done in order to the founder of the largest social networks could merge their cryptocurrency.

“He panic sold”

Zugdanoff : Reverse ad ze crypto ban

— ₡rypto ₡himp™🦍 (@Cryptanzee) 26 Jun 2018

Additionally, Facebook, as if confirming the theory about the total surveillance of users, began to offer many traders advertising about job vacancies at McDonald’s.

And they say Facebook doesn’t track you pffff

Bitcoin Dad (@bitcoin_dad) 25 Jun 2018

Remains to believe that bitcoin will take new peaks next week.

— Crypto $6310 by some time ฿ull (@Crypto_God) 25 Jun 2018