Financial services company Northern Trust has expanded its work with bloccano and scriptactive in several of his units. About it in exclusive interview Forbes said the President of the Northern Trust corporate and institutional services Cherecwich Pete (Pete Cherecwich).

Company that controls or administers assets in the total amount of about $10.7 trillion, has recently added new functionality to your blockchain-service technology Hyperledger for managing equity investments.

In addition, Northern Trust provides administration services to the three “major hedge Fund”, recently added scriptactive in their portfolios, said Cherecwich.

Part of the services provided by data hedge funds based on traditional services, Northern Trust, but was created and specifically designed for the cryptocurrency, he said. They include the validation of assets, the reconciliation crypotologic operations, a new framework for risk management and control practices for AML.

According to Cherecwich, storage services licenzirovanie assets in the near future will be in great demand.

“Today you can take anything. You can take the rights to movies, or other various entities and provide them with a token. We need to know how to store these tokens, evaluate them and do whatever is necessary”, — said the President of Northern Trust.

Pete Cherecwich also believed to tokenservice their currencies will begin and the government:

“I truly believe that the government will eventually pay attention to the digitization of their currencies and the translation of trade on something like a digital token token, the US dollar. But the US dollar will still be somewhere in storage or maintained by the government.”

Recall that according to Mike Novogratz (Mike Novogratz), the appearance of custodial services “with the name” scriptactive is a necessary condition for their adoption of the institutional players.