The increased interest of Asian investors to the coin Coin Noah provoked her leap of 35% in just 24 hours. Especially popular this digital asset uses on Philippine cryptocurrency market.

The team Noah Coin is involved in many high-tech initiatives on the territory of the Philippines, including the project on creation of “smart cities”, according to CryptoRecorder.

In recent days, analysts have recorded a sharp increase in volumes of operations on purchase and Noah Coin. As a result, the asset had appreciated to $0,0019 and now continues to trade in the green zone, it follows from CoinMarketCap. The market capitalization of bitcoin has grown to $64,32 million and daily trading exceed $2.12 million

In relation to bitcoin and ether Noah Coin added to the price of 38.4 and 42.4 per cent respectively. According to experts, the popularity of cryptocurrencies is growing at the expense of its distribution in the Asia-Pacific region.

The purse project used Filipino workers remitting member in tokens NOAH home. Peak transfers is expected in the middle of this week. Noah and participation in the Coin project to launch a “smart city” in the Philippines capital Manila has become an additional driver of the jump in the asset.

A similar situation was recently observed around Dogecoin. Before starting joint with ether blockchain project, this coin also suddenly soared in price and even got a list of the 20 largest cryptocurrency.