Анимационный сериал в мире крипты.

In August of 2018 started the production of the animated series the Hamsters against the Bulls
The First Teaser
Pro Blockchain Media, in partnership with ToonBox developed the concept and began work on the series. The series will be able to humorous genre to discover the world of cryptocurrencies to new audiences . In the series, the authors hide the mysteries of a value equivalent to 1 BTC it will be interesting and profitable.
Head writer Mark Zaslove: Mark wrote scripts for Hanna-Barbara and Marvel Studios. The first scenario was the “Challenge of the GoBots”(War Hobotov). Assisted in the writing of the pilot mini-series “Duck Tales”(ducktales) and “Tale Spin” (Miracles on bends). Worked on many Disney projects, including some feature films. What you get if you cross world of “the wolf of wall Street” traders of the cryptocurrency, the world of “Breaking Bad” with bitcoin, witty and strange beasts with predatory investors who view the financial world as one big RPG?


Hamsters vs. Bulls – series that sheds light on the dark side of the web of greed and transactions on investments virtual currencies, and puts before the audience a question: if bitcoin is to be stored in the binary forest, will it be profitable?

Хомяки против Быков

You think the world is run by state agencies and the ideas that you are trying to convey in the history books? Nifiga! 99% of all the world’s media concentrated in the hands of 0.01% of the planet’s inhabitants. And they are not going to give them! In our time the Universe is driven by corporations and money, and the economic base is under them, at the very core of the essence. In the darkness a raging war between freedom-loving crypto-anarchists who want it could use the power of digital money, and rigid materialists who want the power to save only for themselves. You can be sure that your PayPal and your Bank safely, but all these bits, bytes and digital dollars and cents are extremely ephemeral and depend on the ultra-mathematical cryptography. If it will be covered, you will be able to say goodbye to my wallet, home and financial plans. The state of your wallet depends entirely on who wins the crypto-battle, and you’d better pray that they were representatives of the world. Without them you will never get rich! Because the evil guys will not give you their money so easily. Remember: you just need to give cryptocurrencies a chance!

Хомяки и быки кртипто

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