This week was for many under the sign of Halloween, and social networks suggests that not one user of cryptocurrencies became infected with the “madness” of the holiday. The website CoinDesk published a photo of the most interesting costumes.

Last year we saw such cryptoheros-suits, as the “Boy-bitcoin bubble” (he was portrayed Zuko Bryce Wilcox, the Creator of the cryptocurrency zcash for:

Zuko Wilcox: “on the night of Halloween, I appeared in the form of bitcoin bubble, surrounded by two beautiful bubbles-minions – “Irrational optimism” and “Herd instincts”. In the hands of their guns shooting bubbles” .

..and also “Girl-private-key”. It depicted the chief designer Coinbase Connie young.

In 2018, the representatives of the crypto community showed no less sophisticated fantasy.

Halloween in 2018 is notable for the fact that it is a double celebration – this year we are celebrating the anniversary of the publication of the bitcoin whitepaper. On the eve of Halloween 2088 Creator of bitcoin, acting under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto, sent a text whitepaper a number of influential cryptographers, laying thus the Foundation for the formal launch of cryptocurrency, which was held in January 2019.

This week’s user of the website Reddit benevolinsolence appeared before the public in a slinky black jumpsuit, portraying a “living blogchain”:

On another photo benevolinsolence augmented glow sticks:

Spirit Halloween has not spared even the whole team industry startups. An example of this are employees of Blockstream:

Blockstream: “We have fun celebrating Halloween. All disguise themselves, and we decided to relax for a day to take your natural form.”

On the occasion of a double celebration journalist Laura Shin was the bitcoin whitepaper:

But this group of revelers brought in the images of the miners of bitcoin. In a local costume contest on Halloween a group of friends from Atlanta got a first prize:

Some users picked up the theme of cryptocurrency forks (focusing on the emergence of bitcoin cash):

The photo above allow us to say that members of the cryptocurrency community has demonstrated this week is creativity and a good sense of humor. The event was a success.