New Zealand police have completed investigations in the office of Cryptopia and came to the conclusion that the marketplace may resume operations at any time, reports The New Zealand Herald.

“We’ve done most of the work in the offices of Cryptopia at the request of the Department for combating crimes in the high tech industry. However, the Department still catching up on a few things, said detective inspector Greg Murton. — The leadership of Cryptopia has full access to its facilities and premises, the police investigation does not prevent the company to resume work”

However, Merton did not disclose other important details of the investigation and didn’t even say whether or not the attacker who had stolen the money, and how much has been stolen.

Meanwhile, the Twitter account of the exchange until there are no updates, and on the exchange’s website is still “hangs” the message about hacking:

Recently on the exchange site, nothing changes

We will remind, hackers broke into the exchange Cryptopia in the middle of January, stealing, according to analysts Elementus $16 million. Soon, the company said that from Cryptopia stolen another $3.2 million.

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