The Mozilla Foundation has announced a major change in relation to the tracking of users between sites. In the nearest releases of the Firefox browser will appear automatically block such monitoring.

Earlier browser users were provided an option of blocking external JavaScript, images and iframe pages that track its transitions. In new versions of Mozilla Firefox, the lock will work by default for all resources. According to the developers, this will speed up page loading and reduce the amount of transmitted data.

Thus, in 63 Firefox will block by default third-party code loaded slowly, which slows down the opening of webpages, and in Firefox the 65 — any tracking code from third-party sites. Also in this version promised to clearing cookies and blocking access to local storage. Then it is planned to introduce protection from data collection to identify the user, as well as from mining of cryptocurrencies. Appears built-in ad blocker and support for Tor.

Vice President of product Mozilla Nick Nguyen (Nick Nguyen) noted that the main goal is to prevent the negative impact of third-party scripts for effective use by users of the product. According to him, some announced features are already available in the beta version of Firefox Nightly updates.

We will remind, according to experts of the company WatchGuard Technologies, by year-end, a hidden mining will be included in the top ten cyber threats. According to the company Malwarebytes in the first quarter of 2018, the number of cases of latent mining increased by 4000% compared to the last quarter of the previous year.

Opera browser added protection from miners to their desktop and mobile browsers in January.

In March, Yandex has launched a new, improved version of the hidden mining software in your browser.