The developers of Ethereum plan to implement new strategies that will help in promoting the network this is now third in the capitalization of the cryptocurrencies. These include new and previously unknown to the wide audience the update is aimed at a more aggressive increase in the possibilities of technology, writes CoinDesk.

The publication refers to the transcript of the private meeting held during a recent conference Devcon4 in Prague. The course discussed the update called ethereum 1x, activation of which may be held in June 2019.

The authenticity of the transcripts confirmed by one of the participants, who wished not to give his name. According to him, the proposal is at a very early stage, and for this reason, a broad discussion of it is not take out. Other developers on the requests for comments not responded.

In addition, on Friday, November 23, internal document with the content of the transcripts of the meetings are published on Github engineer EVM Greg Galvin.

Meanwhile, the developer of Parity Africa Choedon said that he did not know anything about the plans for the implementation of such an upgrade.

How the hell did that happen?

— Afri (@5chdn) November 23, 2018

According to available information, at one of the meetings was attended by Vitaly Buterin, the founder of a startup Consensys Joseph Lubin, as well as those known in the Ethereum community faces as lane Rettig, Peter Szilagyi and Hudson Jameson.

As you can understand from the documents, the developers of Ethereum feel a certain pressure, since it must provide the public with a road map so to justify the need for accelerated upgrade. While the discussion was affected by the updates, not previously associated with scheduled for 2019 hardforum Constantinople.

Here, in particular, is the potential replacement of the EVM (Ethereum virtual machine) responsible for interpreting the code of smart contracts. Also discussed was the possibility of introducing a “lease” fees for storage, smart contracts, and other minor updates. As for the rent, which is aimed at controlling the growth of the blockchain data, then, as noted at one of the meetings Vitalik Buterin, the introduction of such a mechanism would require “major changes”.

Deserves special attention is the very publicness of the debate. So, if many have advocated the importance of working in closed conditions, acne Buterin, for its part, is in favour of publicity, noting that he was “uncomfortable institutional calls and he is absolutely against the closed forums.”

Meanwhile, the African Choedon of Parity continued its tweets about the pop information, writing that completely disappointed that such secret meetings took place.

I’m so disappointed.

— Afri (@5chdn) November 23, 2018

Earlier this week the vendor dApp solutions Level K has revealed details of a vulnerability in Ethereum, allowing you to empty the wallets of the cryptocurrency exchanges.

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