The popularity of appeared in last year tablconv is growing rapidly. Eight months later, the total capitalization of these coins will exceed the market value of the Tether, analysts Skew.

At this rate, the market cap of the new $ coins pegged to stable will surpass Tether in ~ 8 months.

One year ago, the Tether seemed unavoidable. It is now being quickly replaced by more transparent solutions. Expect the same “rotation” to occur with exchanges.

— skew (@skew_markets) 11 January 2019 R.

Experts note that “stable” coin, USD Coin, TrueUSD, Paxos, Gemini Dai Dollar and many users perceive it as more transparent and reliable solution in comparison with Tether USD (USDT).

Analysts also expect soon an increasing number of exchanges will give preference to the “new stabilink” instead of the Tether.

However, while the total capitalization of these coins is less than 45% of the market value USDT. The latter is still in eighth place CoinMarketCap; Tether current capitalization is $1.95 billion

ForkLog previously reported that among the “new tablconv” leading position is USD Coin (USDC) from a start-up Circle.