Manufacturer of mining equipment, Bitmain has been criticized for the latest miner AntMiner B3: the first device users accused the company of unfair marketing tactics and poor quality control.

According to the report in the official account on WeChat AntMiner, AntMiner new product, B3, is designed for mining cryptocurrency Bytom (BTM), was released on 25 April, a day after the launch of the blockchain Bytom. The first batch of 25 000 miners B3 at a price of 17 000 Chinese yuan (about $2600) apiece, were sold out in just a few seconds.

Despite the fact that the characteristics of the AntMiner B3 provided the computational power of 750 hashes per second, from the first Chinese buyers received complaints, alleging that marketers Bitmain has significantly overstated the figure.

As reported by local news media, the Chinese miners did the initial test and stated that AntMiner B3 gives no more than 500-600 hashes per second, and it significantly reduces the profit from the promised 47 BTM per day to less than 10.

In the past few weeks in the local community, a considerable number of complaints, and the miners began to create a group on WeChat and share your impressions about the miner on a Chinese website questions and answers Zhihu.

Social networks are the suspicion that for the production of B3 Bitmain uses components that were in use. According to a post on Zhihu, a fan of one of the “new” AntMiner B3 was covered with dust, which also explains the low computational characteristics of the device.

19 may on Weibo created a special account serving to Bitmain compensated customers B3.

According to activists on Weibo, may 28, a group of buyers B3 visited the office of Bitmain in Beijing to discuss a solution. The group apparently was small, but the meeting was attended by the local police that the conversation took place peacefully.

Also, according to local sources, Bitmain has expressed a willingness to fix the problem device with low hash power, but refused to return the money. In addition, it became clear that the company wants to bring the case to the lawyers.

According to other reports, Bitmain recognizes the problems with some of the devices B3, claiming that those are not more than 1%. The company denies the use of aftermarket components.

Responding to the charge that the declared characteristics of the miners are not true representatives of Bitmain said:

The miners is, in fact, investment products… Profit and the price of tokens depend on the dynamics of the market, so the company or individual can’t guarantee anything.