This guide will take you through the process of participation in the Evolution Airdrop which will take place from 10 may 2018 17:30 UTC.

For those who are a beginner, Evolution would work on its blockchain. Evolution is aimed at solving the problems occurring in the EOS, with large blocks of shares with stock exchanges and block producers, as discussed previously .

Why Airdrop?

Evolution will not hold ICO. Evolution consensus-based DPOS, the proposed EOS, and will honor community airfields. The goal is to evenly distribute the tokens through the community EOS.

What is needed to participate?

To ensure equal distribution between early and late adopters EOS, will be provided two sounder EOS — “Initial Airdrop” and “Scale Airdrop”. For the Initial Airdrop, which will take place may 10, will need to register the tokens using EOS and store them in your wallet, is compatible with Ethereum, to get tokens. If you have at least 25 tokens in EOS EOS was the wallet for which you control the private key (for example, a hardware wallet, MyEtherWallet, Metamask, etc.), You will automatically receive an Evolution token, you have nothing more to do, don’t use an exchange wallet.

For wallets, registered after may 4, UTC 0 requirements for verification of the wallet: minimum: 25 EOS minimum: 0,025 ETH
* ONLY for new registrations.

There are no other rules to know or adhere to the initial Airdrop. Evolution Airdrop will never ask you for your personal keys or ask you to send Evolution any means.


Is the total stock of 5 000 000 000 tokens Evolution. In the coming months the community of EOS will be streamed 4.5 billion tokens. This is your chance for public participation. Additional units will be given to developers, arbitrators and members of the community after the launch of blockchain. You can find a full breakdown of the distribution of tokens Evolution.