China has published the next rating of the digital currency, the third place in which unexpectedly took the coin Komodo. As in the previous “Global assessment of the open blockchain-technologies”, a strong position allotted to such digital assets, such as EOS, Ethereum, Stellar and NEO. They received list a first, second, fifth and sixth places respectively.

Bitcoin could slightly improve their positions and to take the tenth place ranking (at the end of last month the main cryptocurrency were located only on the 16th place).

The third place to the surprise of the crypto community got digital asset Komodo. This cryptocurrency was launched in the framework of an ambitious project designed to give developers the opportunity to create their own independent blockchain platform and organize ICO.

In the near future Komodo will launch a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, using atomic swaps.

This month in the ranking also got coins Nuls and Tezos. Thus, the number of crypto-currencies it rose to 33.

A rating (see the review of the first and second editions) initiated by the Chinese Center of information industry development (CCID) of the Ministry of industry and information technology. In its preparation, as reported in a press release, involved “a first-class experts and scholars” of China.