At the industry summit in China, the second largest manufacturer of equipment for bitcoin mining Canaan Creative has announced a new flagship called AvalonMiner A911. This greatly exceeds the miner Antminer S9i that Bitmain is now ready to offer to the market.

Maximum Hasrat AvalonMiner A911 reaches 18 teruhisa per second, and is 3.5 terhesa more than the Antminer S9i. Increase Hasrat associated with increased consumption of 1440 watts. If you compare the performance of the devices, the A911 from Canaan will be better than S9i Antminer from Bitmain, as it only consumes 80 watts on one terhes, while S9i — 91 watts.

At the same event Canaan has announced plans to launch a portable miner Minera heater. The company also is preparing to develop a chip based on the technology of 5 nm.

Note that Bitmain preparing to launch its flagship in the coming days, while a supercharged AvalonMiner A911 will have to wait (the release date is not yet named). The cost of new items from Bitmain is $426, and Canaan Creative has not yet put a price on their flagship.