In the core network has occurred zcash for activation of the Protocol Sapling necessary to implement secure transactions and increase the productivity of the blockchain.

Success! We’re happy to announce that the #Sapling zcash for network upgrade activated today at block height 419200. #Sapling introduces new #shielded addresses with significantly improved performance. Learn more:

— Zcash for Company (@zcashco) 29 Zhovtnya 2018 R.

The update is activated on the unit 419200. It is, in particular, will reduce the time to process a transaction by up to 90% and also significantly reduce the amount of memory required to implement secure transactions. Activation of the Sapling will give you the opportunity to use for secure transactions to lightweight clients, not only the full node.

The zcash for the blog also States that the activation of the Sapling — in fact, the “second birth of cryptocurrency” because it makes the project a step closer to mass adoption in an open and confidential payment system.

ForkLog previously reported anonymous ofcan-BOLT solution for zcash for to hide sender/recipient, balances and transactions.