Last weekend in the Monero network on the block was activated 1788000-focused update to counter ASIC miners through the implementation of the algorithm PoW CryptonightR, as well as various bug fixes, including work-related cryptocell Ledger. While creating new blockchains or distribution of new cryptofiction did not happen.

The scheduled protocol upgrade went successfully! 🎉

— Monero || #xmr (@monero) March 9, 2019

The team of developers of the project previously recommended by users, merchants, services, cryptomeria and other members of the Monero ecosystem to update to version v0.14. After update in response to the complaint from users about freezes crypto Monerujo was also released Fiks v 1.11.4 and all ecosystem participants warned of a significant slowdown in production of new units, which should return to normal within 24-48 hours. According to preliminary data from different sources, after hard forks, Herat in the network fell by 30-90%.

Recall that in October last year after a hard forks, which was activated the Protocol Bulletproofs, Commission Monero has fallen to virtually zero.