Yesterday in the running of the core network EOS was a global freezing of the transaction, the exact reasons and terms addressed by the project developers can not yet be called. All manufacturers units working on the detection problem.

At 09:56 UTC (1 day ago) we had an alert with transactions frozen on the EOS network globally. All the BPs are aware. We are all on a call with the other BPs to identify and resolve this issue. No timelines yet. #eosio #mainnet

— EOS Authority (@EOSauthority) June 16, 2018

In EOS New York explained that after visiting the main network at 12:56 (Kiev), representatives of the producers of blocks and the auxiliary Noda held a meeting and decided to stop work nod subsidiary manufacturers of power and carry out data backup, which can help to diagnostirovati problem. 14:02 (Kyiv) the method of defrosting the transaction has been identified and its implementation laid 3-6 hours.

According to a report in the Telegram channel in the core network, in two hours the developers have determined the cause of the problem, explaining the features of the deferred data transfer. The network will update to version 1.0.5. no loss of data.

Recall that the technical launch of the network EOS was held on 9 June, however, it revealed the vulnerability and the voting process was delayed due to lack of votes caused by the distrust of users to the security system.