A critical vulnerability in the blockchain EOS may allow an attacker to remotely execute arbitrary code on the network nodes and to establish control over them. It is reported by the traditional news provider of China cnLedger with reference to the developer of antivirus 360.

1/ Chinese Internet security giant 360 has found “a series of epic vulnerabilities” in the #EOS platform. Some of the bugs allow arbitrary code to be executed remotely on the EOS nodes and even taking full control of the nodes.

Source (in Chinese): https://t.co/pt6nj6EodP

— cnLedger [Not giving away ETH] (@cnLedger) 29 may 2018

Thus, representatives of Chinese companies also allegedly warned the team EOS.

“The representative confirmed to EOS that the main network will not be launched until you fix the problem”, — stated in the message cnLedger.

2/ According to their Weibo (Chinese Twitter), 360 reported the bugs to the EOS team. “The person in charge of the EOS network EOS said that the network will not be officially launched until these issues are fixed.”

— cnLedger [Not giving away ETH] (@cnLedger) 29 may 2018

The attacker can deploy smart contract with malicious code on supernode EOS, which will execute the contract and activates the bug. As soon as the contract gets included in a block, all full nodes can be compromised, says cnLedger.

3/ 360: the attacker can deploy smart contracts w/ malicious code to EOS super node, which will execute the contract and trigger a security bug. Once the contract is included in a new block, all full nodes including backup nodes, exchges, wallet nodes are all susceptible to attack.

— cnLedger [Not giving away ETH] (@cnLedger) 29 may 2018

The Chinese company also called on cybersecurity team to examine more carefully blackany projects, because in the future can be discovered vulnerabilities and other cryptocurrencies.

4/ On their weibo, 360 then urges the teams and companies in this industry to pay more attention to the security of the blockchain projects, as more vulnerabilities could also be found on other cryptocurrencies in the future.

— cnLedger [Not giving away ETH] (@cnLedger) 29 may 2018

Price EOS the time showed a rapid decline by 10%.

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Recall that just yesterday a massive selling tokens, Ethereum on the Bitfinex team tied with the project team EOS.io. As a result, the course of the second capitalization of the cryptocurrencies is substantially decreased.