This month, the network congestion of bitcoin has reached 95%, but this did not affect the size of the commissions.

Cryptocurrency analyst Willy Wu published a graph of relationship between network congestion and bitcoin commissions. For example, in 2017, when the network congestion has reached 85%, the Commission has reached $25 per transaction. However, now the Commission is $0.1, despite a record level of congestion.

At the moment, the developers of Bitcoin continue to tackle the problem of scaling network. In August 2017, launched the solution to Segregated Witness (Segwit). Then managed to reach consensus, causing the network was launched in the format softforce.

Another solution — Lightning Network — aims to create a network of microtransactions within the blockchain of the bitcoin small transactions will be removed from the main network and outside the main chain.

The combined introduction of technologies Segwit and Lightning will greatly improve the performance of the BTC network and solve the problems of scale and congestion.