национальная премия Russian Blockchain

At the end of the year, 18 December, 2018 in the hall of “RIA Novosti” will be held the second national award of the Russian Blockchain – “the Best Russian projects on Blockchain technology”

National award Russian Blockchain is organized with the support of government structures and Blockchain expert community of Russia with the aim of awarding the best Blockchain projects created with the participation of Russian specialists.

In the awards involved the Public Chamber of Moscow region, Chamber of Commerce, “the Rating Agency rating the digital economy”, development Corporation, Udmurtskaya Republic, RBK-Money, investment platform Start Track, the company 2Can and others.
Participants of the awards – companies, representatives of business and government agencies involved in the development and implementation of Blockchain technology in various fields.
To become a nominee for the award, you must submit an application for participation till the 10th of November and to be evaluated by the expert panel.

Will be selected 10 winners in 10 nominations:

  • The largest contribution to the development of Blockchain – This award is for recognition of an organization that has had the greatest influence on the development of Blockchain technology in Russia.
  • Blockchain in global business – the Blockchain has great potential in all business processes. This award is for companies that are working to use the Blockchain as a large business.
  • Blockchain in the financial sector – Since the Blockchain technology was first established as the basis for cryptocurrency transactions, its potential for change in the financial sector is very large. The award for the most innovative implementation of Blockchain technology in the financial sector.
  • Blockchain media – the award for contribution to information support of the Media who covered the events of the Blockchain industry.
  • Blockchain Startup – This award is designed for projects not younger than one year and whose contribution to the development of the Blockchain industry can be considered meaningful.
    Please note that for this award, your project must already be running and not be at the idea stage.
  • Blockchain platform – This award is for companies developing their own Blockchain-based platform with the participation of Russian specialists.
  • Blockchain marketing – This category is for marketing companies and rating agencies in the Blockchain industry. The best of them will receive a reward Russian Blockchain.
  • The best Blockchain developer – This award is for companies in the design and development of Blockchain technology in the industry.
  • The best Blockchain law company law on the market of the digital economy is one of the important tasks of the industry. This award recognizes the best law firms in the field of Blockchain.
  • The best Blockchain project in the field of services for individuals, Cafe, computer games, music, sell products, mobile apps… Where we will use the Blockchain? This award is for the use of the Blockchain in the service sector.

And a separate category “of Identity in the Blockchain” – a recognition for the people who made a significant contribution to the development of Blockchain technology.

The event consists of two blocks. In the first half will be held a pitch session. It will be attended by the nominees for the award. The second part of the ceremony.

For those who are not nominated for the prize, tickets can be purchased separately at a pitch session or the whole event in General.

Learn more about participating in the event and how it took place last year can be found on the website http://blockchain-russia.com/