The largest us stock exchange Nasdaq is considering creating a platform for security-tokens. It is expected that the platform will allow companies to issue tokens with the characteristics of the securities in compliance with all standards and requirements of us regulators.

For the implementation of the initiative the Nasdaq is already in talks with several companies, including blockchain-based smart contracts Symbiont included this year in the Forbes ranking with a market capitalization of $15.4 million.

The new platform Nasdaq will not only produce security tokens, but also to trade them, thus making the competition such as Polymath, tZero and TrustToken.

Note that the Nasdaq is one of the earliest and most active supporters of the use of blockchain technology in the financial industry. Last year, the Nasdaq is investigating the issue of possible storage of data on the owners of the assets in the blockchain, as evidenced by one of the patent applications filed by the Bureau of patents and trademarks of the United States.

In April of this year, CEO of Nasdaq adena Friedman (Adena Friedman) said that in the future, the exchange may become the cryptocurrency. But for this it is necessary to have and have earned the regulatory requirements of the industry and the cryptocurrency market became more “Mature”.