The blockchain and smart contracts in the aerospace industry would be able to ensure the confidentiality and security of flight data of aircraft. This is stated in the article engineer aviakontsern the Ames Research center NASA Agency Ronald Reisman.

The possibilities of the blockchain interested in the Built in the context of the Directive of the Federal office of civil aviation USA on the transition of air traffic controllers on ADS-B (automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast) from 1 January 2020.

“ADS-B does not provide for full confidentiality of information on identification and location of the aircraft, does not take into account the possibility of its substitution and denial of service”, explains engineer of NASA.

In connection with the threat of industrial espionage, and to protect the lives of personnel and the preservation of property Reisman presented a prototype called the Aviation blockchain infrastructure, based on Hyperledger Fabric and smart contracts.

“The solution allows you to control which data is transmitted publicly, and which are available only to authorized persons. So, basic information about the type of aircraft, destination and route can be shared, and data on altitude, speed and current course information to be transmitted on private channels,” the article reads.

According to Ronald Reisman, “partially controlled” structure of the blockchain, to allow systems using ADS-B to meet and even exceed levels of privacy provide radar systems NASA.

We will remind, in July blockchain projects AIKON and Hadron leveraged technology distributed registry for processing data from the space telescope “Hubble”.