Twitter is one of the most popular social networking among the users of cryptocurrencies. The website made a list of cryptocurrencies that are most often mentioned by the users of the platform for one hour in the evening of 26 October.

It turned out that this time the social network most often mentioned cryptocurrency TRON (1972). This is partly due to high activity of its founder Justin Sana in the Twitter.

In second place — bitcoin. Lately first and foremost cryptocurrency shows unusual stability and a low volatility was probably the main information about it.

In third place was the Ethereum, the second cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization. Activation of competitors is forcing its users to be nervous, but trust Ethereum is still high, and investors are hoping for the best.

In fourth place Ripple (XRP). On October 25, the company Ripple has published a report which indicated that, despite the bear market, was able to sell XRP for $163 million in addition, it entered into an agreement with the Prague startup Amore Finance.

In fifth place litecoin (LTC), the sixth NEO, the seventh — Cardano, on the eighth — Stellar ninth — EOS, and Bitcoin Cash rounded out the top ten (297 references).

Ten cryptocurrencies, which are often mentioned by Twitter users during one hour in the evening of 26 October