Timofey Musatov, the head of group of lawyers of the detainees in Greece last summer Russian Alexander winnick, said in court that, since 5 November in France, a special Tribunal has accepted to consideration the claim about the termination of criminal proceedings against his client, the “from this moment, under international law, the European order for extradition winnik in France suspended”.

Musatov also pointed to numerous inconsistencies made in the request of France on the results winnik. For example, the Russians than a year in a Greek jail and without access to the Internet, but the warrant States that he committed crimes in 2018. In addition, the document stated that winnick acted on French territory, although in reality he was in Russia or Greece.

The defense used the fact that during work-related Winnick of crypto currency exchange BTC-e there were no laws governing the activities of kryptonyte, and in General “the blockchain and winnick brought in the technology world of freedom that allow you to share material goods without undue state control” is not on the exchange, but simply on the website.

“We are pleased that the court recognized in its appeal that the US charges in relation to the exchange, which do not have financial licenses, and Alexander winnick have no Foundation. That is, it (the warrant) issued for money laundering on the basis of exchange that is legal,” said Musatov.

However, the Supreme court of Greece (Areios pagos), postponed consideration of the appeal on the decision to issue winnik France on November 29. According to the lawyer Zoe Konstantopoulou, the defense did not have time to explain to the judges all the arguments and asked to adjourn the meeting. Speaker of the Parliament also told the judges about the violation of the rights of her client. For example, he was detained again providing the official translation of documents French query on Russian language.

“The French lawyer of the Russian citizen was not given access to his case in France and have not received information on the fact the charges… And so it is not and me and Alexander winnick, which specifically deprived of information on charges”, – has supported the colleague Musatov.

Recall that the extradition of the Russian demand three countries. France accuses winnik in hacking e-mail of thousands of people and extorting from them money, the us accuses him of money laundering and fraud with the cryptocurrency at more than $4 billion, and in Russia – fraud in the amount of 667 thousand rubles ($11,500).