20-22 July, Moscow will host the hackathon and conference on the development of games that use the blockchain, GameNode. The event will bring together leaders of the gaming industry, blockchain experts and leading developers in the industry. The event was organized Mail.Ru Games Ventures (MRGV) in conjunction with the company Expload.

Participating teams will gather on the Playground with non-stop access Yota Arena to 48 hours to create a prototype of the decentralized game. As the main platform for blockchain development will be used by the SDK Expload.

Parallel kicks off an online hackathon to take part in which game developers from anywhere in the world.

The jury will choose the winners in six nominations: “Best game” “Best technical performance”, “Best game design”, “Best application of blockchain games”, “Most original idea” and “The seamless integration of the blockchain in an existing game”.

In addition, the winning team can receive financial support and resources for the further development of the project from the Department MRGV.

“Our investment division supports developers who are not afraid to propose innovative solutions and bold ideas. We hope GameNode will help us to find new partners with whom we will continue our cooperation”, — says Director of MRGV Ilya Karpinskiy.

Within GameNode experts will talk about the challenges facing developers cryptogr, and how the blockchain is changing the gaming industry.

Among the speakers:

  • Ilya Karpinsky, Director of the MRGV;
  • Alexander zelenshchikov, co-founder and Director of product development of the company Expload;
  • Haci Mehtiev, founder of the newspaper “Kanobu” and the draft RAWG;
  • Sergey Zykov, Director of marketing of the company Armor5Games;
  • Richard “Levelord” gray, game designer, Director of Levelord Games;
  • Anton Agranovsky, co-founder and Director of business development project Metahash.

The total prize Fund of the event amounted to more than 1 million rubles. To participate you must register on the event website.