Soluna Technologies the company plans to build in Morocco giant wind power capacity of 900 MW for mining bitcoin. The project is supported by private investment firm Brookstone Partners.

According to Digiconomist as of June, the mining of bitcoin consumes about 71 TWh of electricity per year, which already exceeded the performance of countries such as Chile, the Czech Republic or Austria. But as pointed out by the analytical company, the biggest problem of bitcoin is not even a huge power consumption, and the fact that the network of cryptocurrency is mostly fed by coal-fired power plants in China

“In this country, the electricity based on coal is available at very competitive prices. Even with a conservative emission factor, this means extreme carbon footprint for each unique transaction bitcoin” — indicates Digiconomist.

Therefore, the first cryptocurrency criticized, in particular, and for causing ecological damage to the planet. For example, it meant the head of the Bank for international settlements, calling bitcoin “a combination of bubble, Ponzi schemes and environmental disaster.”

Soluna with Brookstone Partners aim to solve this problem through the creation of mining centers are powered by environmentally friendly renewable energy.

According to the project, the wind farm will be built in southern Morocco, in one of the windiest regions in the world — the speed of the wind reaches 35 km/h. the Construction will proceed in a modular manner — mining hardware with a power consumption of 6 MW will be integrated with wind power plant with a capacity of 12 MW. The whole project has to be created 75 such modules.

This is not the first project to use wind power for mining bitcoin in January the canadian company Transeastern Power Trust acquired with this purpose, the 45 MW wind farm Dobraca in Romania.