In a survey conducted by Deloitte, just over 70% of executives in various companies have admitted that you know quite a lot about blockchain technology. In the survey took part 1053 of the head of companies with annual revenues from $500 million in seven countries — China, Germany, France, Mexico, USA, UK and Canada.

Top managers stated that they make use of technology distributed registry in such areas as telecommunications, Finance, oil and gas and even natural science and public health.

32% of respondents believe that the main advantage of the blockchain — high-speed transaction processing, while 28% of respondents noted that this technology can be used in the newest business models and to generate income. 21% of study participants noted the high safety of the transactions on the blockchain platforms, and only 2% of respondents did not see anything good in using a distributed registry.

The founder of the company YourBTCC Bob Lee said:

The real blockchain was first presented in 2009. Everyone who uses a digital registry that calls it bloccano… Our problem is lack of understanding of this technology!