In the past 18 months, the technology of the blockchain is secured by the unprecedented popularity of the crypto rally at the end of 2017.

According to a new survey Blockchain Survey from Deloitte, more than 70 percent of executives consider themselves sufficiently competent or even experts in these new technologies.

The survey was conducted among 1053 senior executives in seven different countries — Canada, China, Germany, France, Mexico, the UK and the USA. All respondents worked in companies of 500 or more million dollars in annual revenue.

It seems that the technology of the blockchain is not an issue for high-ranking officials of companies in such sectors as oil and gas, food and media, telecommunications, consumer goods and manufacturing, automotive, healthcare, financial services and even life Sciences.

32% believe that the main advantage of the blockchain — high-speed transaction processing, while 28% of respondents noted that this technology can be used in the newest business models to realise higher income.

And only 21% of study participants recognized the safety of operations is a major advantage. 2% of respondents did not see advantages in the use of technology.

According to Bobby Lee, CEO of one of the oldest exchanges in the BTCC, most of the projects related to the blockchain are simple databases, which gives reason to assume lack of understanding by most of the respondents about what actually was going on.

Blockchain in the first place, it’s permanence and security of data transfer which eliminates any middleman and controlling authority.