Since early June, ASIC miners are actively increasing capacity in the network zcash for. Thus, the share of previously dominant Flypool fell sharply to 29%, and three anonymous address extract more than 50% of the blocks. About this ForkLog said the representatives

As noted by the members of the pool, all three addresses are owned by Bitmain, which thus tries to hide the full centralization of mining.


A few days ago in the top list of Makarov appeared the following address:


According to estimates, computing power Bitmain network zcash for already more than 310 MSol/s.

Moreover, in just one day, the share of Chinese f2pool has increased by more than 100% (from 35 to 88 MSol/s), and at the moment is almost 100 MSol/s. As noted by the interlocutors ForkLog, that Bitmain is behind the influx of 53 MSol/s on f2pool, which for some unknown reason, began to hide his Hasrat schedule.

Again, miners are actively leaving Flypool due to the high volatility of the complexity and declining profitability.

We will remind, about the unscrupulous activities of the company Bitmain has announced earlier the founder of the project Sia and the head manufacturer of equipment for mining cryptocurrency Obelisk David Warwick.