The Republic of Moldova, the Eastern European country bordering Romania and Ukraine, held the first conference on the blockchain and cryptocurrency called “the world of the Chisinau summit on blockchain and cryptocurrency” (WBCSummit Chisinau), writes Cryptovest.

During the event, which took place on may 11 at the Academy of economic studies of Moldova (ASEM), the rapporteurs presented the first local cryptocurrency exchange and the first token is “made in Moldova”. In addition, participants discussed the potential of the blockchain for various spheres of activity.

Drachmae Market, the so-called exchange, is already attracting users. The platform was created under the leadership of the Association of the digital and distributed technology Moldova, the country’s first blockchain-Association based Lee Gibson Grant. Currently active eight currency the currency is the Moldovan LEU, Russian ruble, US dollar and Euro, as well as ten cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, Ethereum, Bcash, Dash, Ethercoin, Monero, Nextcoin, ZOZO Coin and Token DTMI.

A letter from the National Bank of Moldova indirectly allows the exchange to carry out banking operations.

The Central Bank explains in the letter that at present the legal basis for the cryptocurrency, so the exchange does not require permission from the Central Bank. However, given that the site uses Fiat currency, the national Bank asks the operator to provide data about cash flows and to comply with the law on AML and CFT.

It is noteworthy that the Central Bank recognized the potential of the blockchain for the financial system and ready to introduce technologies through local banks.

Drachmae Market built on top of technologies provided by Agura, the us-Israeli start-up created by Sharon Greenberg, who also spoke at the event in the role of speaker.

Greenberg, who in 2014 co-founded Crypto Next, said that the bitcoin exchange is intended both to retail and professional investors. It includes all options that currently provide other cryptocurrency exchanges.

Speaking of blockchain technology in the context of the adoption at the state level, Greenberg said the government should understand that we live in an era of financial revolution, and it does not need to be afraid, better to keep up with the times.

WBCSummit is an international event organized by IDACB. The event in Chisinau, capital of Moldova, was organized in cooperation with the Association of digital technologies in Moldova.