Reducing the cost of air led to the fact that mining of this cryptohalite ceased to be profitable.

To such conclusion analysts of Susquehanna, according to CNBC.Falling incomes from the mining provoked the weakening of the activity of pools producing virtual assets. Sales of graphics processors also falling due to low demand from miners.

In November profit from the extraction of the ether was practically zero, while last summer it was about $150. In the company of Susquehanna believe that the fall in the value of the coins was the main cause of the collapse Hasrat network cryptocurrency.

If only in January of this year, the digital asset was trading at $1350, now he is no more than $204-210. At the beginning of November the air was an attempt to show aggressive growth in the context of investors, however, then the value of the coin dropped again to minimum values.

Susquehanna analyst Christopher Roland emphasizes:

In addition to the falling sales of graphics processors we are seeing a reduction in revenue from mining cryptocurrencies. This week the manufacturer of Nvidia will release a new report on sales and it is obvious that it will be disappointing

If you look at the chart below, we can see that since last year, the profits of miners from the extraction of the ether almost steadily declined, only sometimes there is a jump, which then again changed to the fall.