Mining pool Sparkpool, who yesterday received a reward in the amount of 2103,1485 ETH for adding to the blockchain Ethereum block 7238290, decided to freeze the unexpectedly high Commission, which the anonymous user has paid, having performed surgery on a meager amount. In addition, within a few hours with the same crypto was held 4 small transaction – thanks they reward pools Nanopool (for adding network blocks 7238273, 7238275, 7239023) and Ethermine (per unit 7239021) was about 1890 ETH and the balance of the sender decreased from 4000 to 400 ETH.

Representatives Sparkpool believe that the Commission was accrued by mistake, and wait for the sender contact them to resolve the situation, and users and mining companies support this decision.

“If in the coming days the sender will not be felt, the funds will be distributed between miners,” – said in Sparkpool.

However, the project experts Amberdata suggest that the probable cause of the anomaly was the activity of the bot and approved by the sender of confusion with the introduction of data in the field “price of gas” and “transaction cost”.

Recall that the blockchain project Streamr presented Monoplasma technology, which can solve the problem of scalability of Ethereum, and to protect it from the risk of re-debiting. As podcherknul Chapter Streamr Henry was Penkala (Henri Pihkala), this open source will be particularly useful for those who often spends airdrop, the distribution of dividends or other campaigns associated with sending funds from one address to many others.