Founder and CEO of the investment company Galaxy Digital Mike Novogratz said that still believes in the growth of bitcoin, but it will happen, in his opinion, not earlier than a few months. About this he wrote on Twitter.

Realizing having tweeted about crypto in a while. It’s a grind. Don’t think we head north for at least a few more months. Always take longer for institutions to move. Very confident they will. Tons of activity under the hood. Stay the course.

— Michael Novogratz (@novogratz) February 1, 2019

“I realized that I haven’t spoken about the crypt. This is a steeplechase. I don’t think we’ll go up for another several months. The arrival of institucionales is always a long process. I am sure they will come. Behind the scenes happens a lot. Don’t stray off course,” said Novogratz.

The activity of large investors around bitcoin does occur, however, many process certainly seems protracted. As you know, expected in January, the launch of the platform Bakkt still delayed at the final stage of testing is the platform to trade and store cryptocurrencies Fidelity Digital Asset Services, not approved yet by the Commission on securities and stock exchanges of the USA bitcoin ETF.

However Bakkt and Fidelity can be launched in the coming months that is expected by many analysts, will give the market a positive boost.

Mike Novogratz also said earlier that with the arrival on the market of institutional investors in the first half of 2019, bitcoin has the potential to reach a new historical height.