A billionaire, a fierce advocate of bitcoin and the founder of Galaxy Digital Capital Management Mike Novogratz convinced that any investment portfolio should be at least 1-2% consist of scriptaction. It is reported by CCN.

According to him, not to invest in bitcoin is “absolutely irresponsible.” Novogratz also believes that investing in cryptocurrencies is not only important from the point of view of expected income in the future, but also because it contributes to the development of blockchain technology. The latter, in particular, enable companies to make quick transactions, challenging the bulky vertically oriented structures.

Novogratz also said that he keeps 10% of their savings in bitcoin. In addition, he expressed confidence that within the next six months, crypto-currencies can be traded on the new York stock exchange (NYSE).

As for the sharp sayings of Warren Buffett, the address of bitcoin, Novogratz noted that with age, the major players of the financial market is growing scepticism about innovation.

We will remind, the other day Mike Novogratz called cryptocurrency “people’s revolution”, which will have the greatest impact on the retail sector.

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