The head and founder of Galaxy Digital Holdings Ltd., billionaire Mike Novogratz (Mike Novogratz) in an interview with Bloomberg TV stated that, in his opinion, the money of institutional investors will be directed to kriptonyte over the next year, which will create preconditions for new growth in this market.

Novogratz believes that mid-March will begin to appear custodian online services, and major financial institutions, having seen the dynamics of events, will go to created for their convenience architecture with small amounts of your own assets when custody decisions, the level of Fidelity will use 200-300 customers.

Then, in his opinion, will start new growth bitcoin exchange rate – to a level of $8000 and with a noticeable separation from other scriptaction. Thus bitcoin will become “digital gold”.
Recall that in November last year, Novogratz said that he expects the turnaround and growth of the cryptocurrency market in 2019. He is confident that institutional clients are already lining up in anticipation of the start of trading Cryptoprotected on the grounds Bakkt and Fidelity. However, previously, he compared the situation on the stock market with a “methadone clinic” in which investors who threats to cryptocurrency “almost like religion” and the rise of bitcoin during the period of “speculative mania,” the end of 2017 apprehended as a kind of drug.