Microsoft on Monday, may 7, announced the Azure Blockchain Workbench — a new set of tools for developers that interact with the distributed registry.

In the announcement says that the Workbench provides a “full-fledged resource for blockchain apps” and can be set up “in a few clicks”. Simply put, Microsoft is trying to optimize the method by which teams of developers from different companies can build applications on top of the block chain on top of Azure. General Manager of Azure Matthew Kerner has posted the following message:

We are pleased to introduce the public preview of Azure Blockchain Workbench is a new solution that can reduce application development time from months to days. Workbench quick start the client by automating the configuration of infrastructure so developers can focus on application logic and business owners to devote more time to identification and the verification of their uses.

According to representatives of Microsoft, some of the existing partners have already benefited from the Workbench, including the largest Israeli Bank Hapoalim, Nestle and software company Apttus.

Over the past few months Microsoft has entered into several partnerships in the field of blockchain. Thus, the company has partnered with startup Hyperledger, a research consortium of R3 and a Group of researchers blockchain from Cornell University to explore various aspects of this technology.