The developers of the cloud platform Microsoft Azure has announced the launch of
product Ethereum on Azure, which is based on the model of the “blockchain as a service” (Blockchain-as-a-Service). It is noteworthy that a new solution is created on the basis of the consensus algorithm Proof-of-Authority (PoA).

Azure”s new highly available Proof-of-Authority #blockchain template offers improved throughput and security and self-identity custodial. Read:

— Microsoft Azure (@Azure) August 8, 2018

The PoA is based on the principle of approved validators and does not require mining.

The new product has a built-in decentralized Governance DApp app, which provides members of the consortium authority for network management and delegate their voting rights to others. Through this network members can pass on to other nodes vote on its behalf, if the main node is offline.

While administrators have the right to change the validators of a network by voting.

Also thanks to the client Parity WebAssembly developers will be able to write smart contracts on their own programming languages, such as C, C ++ and Rust.

“You only pay for the basic infrastructure resources such as compute, storage and networking. To the solution there are no additional fees”, — said in a company blog.

We will remind, in February, Microsoft said that work on a decentralized identification system on the basis of public blockchains bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum.