Microsoft has filed a patent and trademark office (USPTO) for two new applications involving the use of a secure execution environment (Trusted Execution Environment, TEE) in future blockchain solutions.

According to the patent TEE is listed in the role code in the node-validator predefined type of blockchain or other security Protocol. As such, the certification on the basis of TEE will be able to verify the system’s participants who possess the same information as the node.

As indicated in the first patent, this decision will be used in the block chain consortia. In particular, the first node will store the list of members of the Association, among other pieces of information, and TEE — watch out for safe inclusion in the “network consortium” new members.

In the second application, Microsoft stated that the decision on the basis of the TEE will assist in verification of transactions in the blockchain, where the validators of a network are authorized.

Through a process of TEE-certification, some transactions can be processed and confirmed without the need of decoding before further transmission on the network.

According to the developers, thanks to the innovation network will be able to make transactions and directly update the structure of the blockchain.

“In other examples there is no need to copy the transaction for block confirmation”, — the document says about the other advantage TEE-certification.

ForkLog previously reported that Microsoft presented the product Ethereum on Azure, which is based on the model of the “blockchain as a service” (Blockchain-as-a-Service). A new solution is created on the basis of the consensus algorithm Proof-of-Authority (PoA).

We will remind, according to the study the South Korean Corporation Samsung, smartphones are the most secure devices to perform cryptocurrency transactions by TEE.