Today in the news there was information that the software developers Microsoft Inc. plans to acquire the popular platform of the software repository GitHub. Rumors about this run for quite a long time.

We know from reliable sources that the deal could be announced today, 4 June. This move by the software giant aims to return Microsoft to its roots. Bill gates and Paul Allen established Microsoft to develop software products for personal computers, giving fans the opportunity to program their own projects. Since then, the company expanded the capabilities of game consoles (Xbox), consumer electronics, personal computers and cloud services (Microsoft Azure).

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella since starting work for the company in 2014 took an active part in monitoring the encoders and the initiation of the encoding. Last year at the annual conference of developers of the company he said:

“The ability to create policy generalists on society has never been so big. But with this opportunity comes a huge responsibility.”

His words should be called developers that there are some features of the technology, which can be solved by the creators themselves. He referred to the classic novel 1984, reinforcing his argument about responsibility in technology:

“Orwell in the novel 1984 described a society in which was used to control and dictatorship, as Huxley in” Brave new world “talked about how to distract myself without meaning or purpose. We don’t want it”.

Buying GitHub, Microsoft will have access to more than 27 million software developers. Many users are not enthusiastic about this acquisition, as this event may prevent decentralization code, which in turn is the main driving force of growth.

The representative of Microsoft, Frank Shaw (Frank X. Shaw) and asked about the acquisition to TechCrunch, to which he replied:

“You know, we never comment on such rumors”.

We have to wait for a message from Microsoft and GitHub.