At the end of October it became known that Hollywood Directors Glenn Ficarra and John Requa intend to make a biopic about the famous programmer and captainvalor John McAfee “king of the jungle”. One of the candidates for the role of an eccentric millionaire was johnny Depp, but McAfee chose Hollywood actor Michael Keaton.

To Finance the movie there are companies Condé Nast Entertainment, Zaftig Films, MadRiver Pictures, Endurance Media, advertising support from Epic Magazine. Despite the fact that the creators define the genre of the film as a biopic, it, apparently, will contain many elements of black Comedy.

The film is based on article publications Wired “the Last frontier of John McAfee”, revised by the authors of the series “American crime story” by Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski. The film also depicts the period of life he is when he’s on all the money earned thanks to the McAfee Antivirus, bought a Villa on the overgrown jungle island in Belize, where stockpiled mountains of weapons, staged an Orgy and do crazy stuff.

The story begins with the fact that the Wired reporter Ari Fuhrman arrives in Belize to take McAfee interview, but finds a “world of growing paranoia, loss of contact with reality and crime”.

The role of the reporter got Seth Rogen, last played Steve Wozniak in the film about Steve Jobs.

According to McAfee, almost a year, the creators considered johnny Depp as a possible candidate for the lead role, but the hero himself was strongly opposed. 30 Oct McAfee commented on Twitter the final rejection of the idea with Depp:

This wimp won’t be able to portray such a maniac addict like me. Keaton was good enough.

According to the materials of Slash Film