The head of Viber Media Deimel, Agawa July 3, said at a press conference about the plans for the year start in Russia cryptocurrency company Rakuten. Since February 2014 the company, which is owned by Japanese billionaire Hiroshi Mikitani, owns 100% of the shares of Viber.

“Interfax” quotes Agawa:

Rakuten intends to conduct the global launch of its cryptocurrency. I saw the list of the countries in which it is planned to launch, and Russia in it. I expect that in 6-12 months the cryptocurrency will be available in Russia via a digital wallet Viber.

The head of Viber said that the company is studying the Russian legislation, to understand the nuances of running cryptocurrency in the Russian jurisdiction. According to Agawa, it requires to obtain a license from the Central Bank. Now e-wallet, Viber cryptocurrency can be converted into yen, dollars and euros. According to Agawa in Russia is a possible scenario, when users will convert to wallet cryptocurrency in Russian rubles, to pay for her purchases from the e-wallet, but will not be able to withdraw it via Bank.

The number of active Russian users of the service Viber reaches 45 million per month. The company is responsible for Rakuten of Japan’s largest and one of the world’s leading platforms for Internet trading, it also owns a trading platform one of the biggest competitors of Amazon.

The owner of Viber and Rakuten CEO Hiroshi Mikitani first announced the creation of its own cryptocurrency in March of this year. Rakuten Coin will work on its own blockchain, the number of tokens is not limited. In 2014 Rakuten has invested in bitcoin wallet Bitnet, and in 2016 fully acquired behind them the company. The launch of Rakuten Coin became possible as a result of this transaction. Furthermore, the largest online retailer in Japan, one of the first to create a private blockchain laboratory.

Mikitani previously announced plans of the company:

Our task is through the digital currency to create a full trade network. We strive to be a catalyst in this process. Our philosophy is to transfer power into the hands of society, not just provide financial benefits.

All of trading platform owned by Rakuten, accept bitcoin as payment yet in 2015.